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100 N. 24th St. W, #6     Billings, MT  59102   406-254-9595

We are currently located inside Diversity Dance (a couple doors down from Chuck-e-Cheese)


Welcome to the online home of Dance Fever Inc.

        We specialize in the following dances:

    • Ballroom
      • Foxtrot
      • Waltz
      • American Tango
      • Viennese Waltz
    • Latin
      • ChaCha
      • Rumba
      • Mambo
      • Samba
      • Merengue
    • Swing
      • Single Swing
      • Triple Swing(East Coast)
      • West Coast Swing
    • Night Club Two Step
    • Country Two Step
    • Wedding Dances


  • The ages of our students range from 13 to 80 years of age.
  • Dance Fever, Inc. does not require students to come with a partner, (except during the Wedding Dance Class).
  • We’re located at 100 N. 24th Street, Unit 6  


Gift Certificates Available            We use PAYPAL

Upcoming Events - Dance Fever, Inc.


    • We are now a Private Only studio
    • Scheduled by appointment Monday 7 and 8 pm.  Wednesday at 7:30 and 8:30 and Friday’s at 5,6,7 and 8 pm
    • We are doing Privates for all students including  Wedding Couples.  Please be sure to book your times to reserve a spot and plan early!
    • If you have your own group that would like to come in, please call for booking information.
    • We are not scheduling any group classes  (except groups you put together)
    • The DFI Studio will be closed Dec. 20th thru January 1st.  We will schedule lessons starting on Wed, Jan 2nd.
  • Some Changes to Note
    • With the changes in location, we are unable to operate as we used to. 

      For instance, we no longer can print you a step list on the spot. 
      Please bring your own notebook, paper or ways to write notes and write down your own steps. The time used to write down your steps must be during your own Private hour.  Because of time restraints we must stay on time and cannot give you your patterns after your class ends, as we will need to be on the floor with the next students. We can provide you with a DFI notebook still with a little notice for $20. If you would like a notebook, just give me a quick call or email and I can get one ready for you and bring it with me to your next lesson. 

      Please bring your own socks and or shoes. Hand carry in your dance shoes.
      Street shoes will still need to be taken off before entering the dance room. 
      Shoes still need to be clean soled suede or leather bottoms. 
      We will not longer provide socks.
    • No spikey or thin heels, or shoes with nails sticking out. Any shoes that we deem could harm the floor, we will have you remove.
    • We no longer have a cooler for water. Althouth there is a fountain in the building and a filtered water bottle filler!
      If you’d like, you can bring your own water, water bottles, or way to stay hydrated. 
    Dance Fever Inc