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Other Local Events




  • Yellowstone Ballroom Dance Club  
    • Dances are held at different days, times, lcoations and use different bands.  Please click on the link to get their current schedule.
    • Formal Dance Club, Check the website for the dance code for each evening.
    • Check the website for each dance for pricing.
    • For more info:  or click on link above
    • For their most current Schedule, visit them at their website. 
  • Big Sky Polka Club
  • Big Sky Polka Club meets for dancing the first Sunday of the each month
  • Moose Lodge, 131 Calhoun Ln, Billings1:30-5:30 pm
  • Assorted Waltzes, 2 steps, Polkas, Schottky’s, Jitterbugs, Some good Country and even a little Rock ’n Roll.
  • For more info:
  • Big Sky Polkafest
    • Three Days - Sept     ,
    • The Billings Moose Lodge, 131 Calhoun Lane, Billings
    • For more info: 321-1485, 855-9806 or email




Surrounding Areas


  • Bozeman Formal Dance Club
    • Dances are held at various locations around Bozeman
    • Check their website for times and locations
    • Dues are: $80/year and includes admission to all the Formal and Semi-Formal dances
    • Friday dances are $5/pp and are informal
    • For more info: or call 406-580-7509.
    • See their website for their most current Schedule
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