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GROUP LESSONS  - No group lessons in June, July and August 2018


Regular Price: Drop In    
Better Price: Monthly    
Best Price: Session








In order to receive discounted rates, all classes are to be paid in advance. Rates are based on ’per person purchase’ in order to keep our rates as low as possible. Transfers, refunds, exchanges, returns, sharing, etc. is not allowed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause some of you, however, we have found this system works well and is fair for all.


The next WEDDING DANCE GROUP CLASS  begins in February 2019.  See the Wedding Dance Section for more information.

Private lessons are available for your Wedding Routines, along with other group lessons, currently running. Call and we can help you decide what will best for you.

Plan to start your dance lessons 2-3 months prior to your wedding.  Depending on your song, style of dance and how you learn, it could take longer than this to prepare and learn a routine.


Each Private lesson is 50-55 minutes in length.  A student can take more then one lesson each week.  A Private lesson along with group lessons enhances your learning.  Each Private lesson needs to be scheduled and paid for in advance. Any unused lessons expire 6 months from date of purchase. If you cannot attend your scheduled lesson, you will not be charged as long as cancellation or changes are made 24 hours before your scheduled class.

# of lessons purchased Cost per lesson for 1-2  people Cost per lesson for over 2 people
1-4 $50.00/lesson

$50 min. (covers first 2 people) plus $10 per person (3 and over)

NO other discounts apply - we built the discounts into this priciing!

5-9 $47.50/lesson  
10 or more $45.00/lesson  

If paying for Private Lessons one at a time, on the first lesson, we will ask you to pay for the 1st lesson and the next lesson booked.

After that you would pay one at a time.

We appreciate as much notice as possible if you cannot attend your scheduled class.  This allows us to schedule teachers time and book in other students waiting to get in.

Specialty Classes

These classes are run separately from the normal weekly classes. Generally, they will run 4, 6, or 8 weeks of the same dance subject and will be priced accordingly. They need to be paid for in advance of taking the class separately from your regular rates.

See monthly calendar for Classes currently running.

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