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JUNE 2017                      WHATS HAPPENING AT DANCE FEVER INC.



Schedule your Private lesson 254-9595. This is a great chance to work on any questions you might have or work on a new dance. Private Lessons enhance your dancing. 

Privates run 5-9 pm Monday - Thursday evenings



B1 GROUP - Basics of Dance - **NEW**   For beginners with little or no knowledge of dance or for those wanting a refresher in basics.

B1/2 GROUP - Beyond Basics - For those that have completed the B1 Basics of Dance class. We will continue to work on what you have already learned and add new patterns.

B2  GROUP - These groups have completed all of the B1 Basics and are working on the next level of dance. They are introduced to new concepts, review previously learned material and continue to add new patterns.

B3 GROUP -  This group is for those that are now into Intermediate Steps.  They have completed all of the B1 and B2 levels and are ready to start learning more complex dance patterns.  New styles of dance may be introduced.

ADV-SILVER (S1/2) -  This group has completed all of the B1, B2 and B3 levels of dance.  They have completed the 6 core dances and are working on new patterns, along with new dance styles.



Each month we hold a Practice Dance to allow our students and their guests (previous students welcome to attend), a chance to practice what they have been learning. It is a great chance to practice, learn a new dance and meet new friends.

  Our next practice party will be:  TBA

Calendar Key:

  • B1 - Beginning - Little or No dance experience
  • B2 - Beginning Level 2 - Basics of dance learned - 6-12 mo exp.
  • B3 - Intermediate Level - 1 -3 yrs exp.
  • S1 - Advanced - 3+ Years experience and Teacher Approval

 All classes are Progressive and build on each other from week to week, working on the six core dances. 

The six core dances are: Waltz, Foxtrot, Am. Tango, Single Swing, Cha Cha and Rumba.  

Other dances are introduced from time to time and can be learned by attending Specialty Classes.

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