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JULY 2017                      WHATS HAPPENING AT DANCE FEVER INC.



Schedule your Private lesson 254-9595. This is a great chance to work on any questions you might have or work on a new dance. Private Lessons enhance your dancing. 

Privates in July and August run 5-9 pm Tuesday - Thursday evenings

July Special - 4,  1 hour Private Lessons for 1-2 people plus a Group Lesson all for just $180.00 !!

Sign up for you lessons soon to save your spots!!!


GROUP LESSONS - (classes start the week of July 10th.)


Night Club 2 Step - 4 weeks - starts at a beginning level and will progress each week. This is an easy way to learn to slow dance.  Its fun and is used for modern slow ballads.

Single Swing - 6 weeks - starts at a beginning level and will progress each week.   Week 6 will work on variations.  This is a standard 6 count swing which can be danced to Big Band, Country, Rock and Roll. 

Basics of Dance - This is a 6 weeks beginners course in the Basics of Dance. Each week will feature a different dance, so you can try them all!  We will learn Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha and American Tango.

Country 2 Step - 4 weeks - starts at a beginning level and will progress each week.  Country 2 step is a fast dance traveling around the floor.  We will learn many turns, and fun patterns.

Calendar Key:

  • B1 - Beginning - Little or No dance experience
  • B2 - Beginning Level 2 - Basics of dance learned - 6-12 mo exp.
  • B3 - Intermediate Level - 1 -3 yrs exp.
  • S1 - Advanced - 3+ Years experience and Teacher Approval

 All classes are Progressive and build on each other from week to week, working on the six core dances. 

The six core dances are: Waltz, Foxtrot, Am. Tango, Single Swing, Cha Cha and Rumba.  

Other dances are introduced from time to time and can be learned by attending Specialty Classes.

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